“She Taught Me Words”: The Availability of Vocabulary Help in EFL Classrooms during Cooperative Learning’s Peer Interaction

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Puji Astuti, S.Pd., M.Pd., Ph.D.

Research Areas: Active Learning/Cooperative Learning in TEFL, Digital Literacies, Identity Construction

Key Findings/Conclusion:

…..individual accountability in CL materializes in EFL classrooms and plays an important role, i.e., providing opportunities for learners to give and receive vocabulary help.

These opportunities are available due to the required activities within CL structures, specifically peer interaction that allows students to cooperate and supply each other with vocabulary needed to refine their sentences so that later they can perform better.

Such peer interaction boosts individual students’ active participation because they should be accountable to their peers by serving as their learning sources.

Within this process, students negotiate meaning, gain comprehensible input, and produce comprehensible output; all supportive of second language acquisition and learning.

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Astuti, P., & Barratt, L. (2021). “She taught me words”: The availability of vocabulary help in EFL classrooms during cooperative learning’s peer interaction. PASAA: A Journal of Language Teaching and Learning, 61, 253-283.