Scaffolding for Learner’s Writing Literacy through Blended Learning in an Indonesian EFL Context

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Prof. Dr. Abdurrachman Faridi, M.Pd.

Research Areas: 

Teaching English as a Foreign Language; English for Business Purposes

Key Findings:

The preliminary research has shown that the realization of best practices in promoting English writing literacy skills of learners gave new insight that is very consequential for other research team and allowed students to learn writing skills. In addition, blended learning provided a more individualized learning experience, helped learners develop their writing language skills, and gave targeted practices beyond face-to-face and online learning. Therefore, both learners and lecturers have responded to their class preferences through this teaching technique. Several lecturers also agreed to mix face-to-face and online learning in their writing classrooms.

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Wijayatiningsih, T. D., Bharati, D. A. L., Faridi, A., & Fitriati, S. W. (2022). Scaffolding for learners’ writing literacy through blended learning in an Indonesian EFL context. The Journal of AsiaTEFL19(1), 336-344.