• The Procedural and Explanatory Texts Based on Entrepreneured Content in Forming Characters of SMK Muhammadiyah Students
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Prof. Dr. Fathur Rokhman, M.Hum. (co-author) ....The development core of procedural and explanatory texts containing the student’s character and the personality of Muhammadiyah has made the students have a directed orientation in character building and personality development. Through the text of the procedural and explanatory texts, students are expected to have character and personality that ultimately can improve self-performance and have the life responsibility for community activities, and have optimal intelligence.

  • In the Process of Being Bilingual of an Indonesian Child: The Phenomena of Code-Switching, Language Mixing and Borrowing
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Lisda Nurjaleka M.Pd., M.A. .....This study is an ethnographic study on maintaining the second language of an Indonesian child and focuses on how the child surviving her second language, Japanese, in a family environment. The language transfer process such as code-switching, language mixing, and borrowing was found in her interactions with the family member. Some language transfers are found from the second language to the first language or vice versa. This language maintenance process is unique from other studies due to the special specifications that arise due to the child's second language acquisition process, even though it is a relatively short time of about four years. She then returned to the activities in her native language, even though the process of acquiring her second language cannot be said to have been completed. The environment, which plays an important role in the language acquisition process, is also the key in this study. The research focuses on the conditions and family support in terms of maintaining Japanese as a second language.

  • Preserving Gambang Semarang Music Through The Process of Enculturation in The Society
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Drs. Eko Raharjo, M.Hum. .....The present study concludes that the enculturation process of gambang Semarang music within three generations in the nang nok gambang Semarang group serves as the activity of cultural awareness of society, artists, and performers. It is to carry out the enculturation process towards young generations, even children, as the successors. The approaches to the teachingand learning process are modeling, conditioning, and internalization. Such an enculturation process is proven to function effectively as the cultural mechanism and enculturation model in preserving gambang Semarang music as the cultural identity of Semarangan. It is suggested that all parties who concern the preservation of traditional art potentials can adopt the inheritance pattern as a development strategy towards performing arts in their regions.

  • Gossip Among Javanese Women in Social Interaction
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Dr. Prembayun Miji Lestari, M. Hum. .....Javanese women when gossiping in social interaction have an impact on the dynamics of conversation in dealing with various dynamic situations that occur. The discourse of gos-sip conversation carried out by Javanese women in Indonesia in social interaction cannot be separated from the culture that surrounds it. Pros and cons, matches-does not fit, and that is neutral in talking about others is seen in aspects of diction and the sentence used. Despite differences of opinion when discussing others, Javanese women are constrained by the existence of Javanese cultural norms so that it does not cause prolonged conflict.

  • “Engaging the Yin-Yang Concept to Produce Comfort and Spatial Experience: An Interior Design for a Chinese Restaurant in Indonesia”
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Nadia Sigi Prameswari, S.Sn., M.Sn. (co-author) .....Based on the analysis, five aspects have an impact on the comfort and spatial experience of the visitors at the restaurant. These five aspects are dissolution with the application of the yin-yang concept in a Chinese restaurant. First, the application of the atmosphere in the restaurant is obtained by the concept of Yin-Yang which is a combination of traditional Chinese and contemporary styling to create balance. This styling is the basis of characteristics and inspiration that will be applied to the interior elements of the restaurant.

  • “She Taught Me Words”: The Availability of Vocabulary Help in EFL Classrooms during Cooperative Learning’s Peer Interaction
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Puji Astuti, S.Pd., M.Pd., Ph.D. …..individual accountability in CL materializes in EFL classrooms and plays an important role, i.e., providing opportunities for learners to give and receive vocabulary help. These opportunities are available due to the required activities within CL structures, specifically peer interaction that allows students to cooperate and supply each other with vocabulary needed to refine their sentences so that later they can perform better. Such peer interaction boosts individual students’ active participation because they should be accountable to their peers by serving as their learning sources. Within this process, students negotiate meaning, gain comprehensible input, and produce comprehensible output; all supportive of second language acquisition and learning.